Our mission & values

At Woofy, we love dogs!❤️  Wellbeing of our four-legged friends is our top priority. Therefore we aim to offer products that can support this. Practical, beautiful and high quality products are the core of our business.

We know that there is a TON of different dog gear brands on the market. We try our best to combine the best parts of all of them. Although our products are extremely beautiful and high quality, we still aim to keep our prices reasonable. Our prices always reflects the buy-in prices. 

In the future, we aim to keep on growing. That means, in practical terms, that we aim to offer even wider selection of products as well as product categories. We want that even more dog owners can find what they are looking for from Woofy.

Our values

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It all began in 2023

Our story

Read our full story and get to know how it all started.