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    Paw balm
    Paw balm
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    Paw balm
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    Take care of your dog's paws so they are always ready for the next adventure!

    The paw balm is an effective aid for, among other things, dry paw pads in both summer heat and winter frosts. You get the best result when you moisturise the paw pads regularly - this way your dog's paws stay healthy. In addition, paw balm creates a protective layer on the paws, both against heat and cold.

    Rakkaudella Remu's paw balms are handmade with great love in Vaasa, Finland. Behind the company is young entrepreneur Fanni and her golden retriever Remu, who else.

    In addition to craftsmanship and domesticity, these paw balms are natural and high quality. All the ingredients used are carefully selected so that the balms are as effective and functional as possible. In addition, balms are quickly absorbed.

    Please note that the product can also be used for cat paw pads, for example!

    You can find Rakkaudella Remu on Instagram and TikTok @rakkaudellaremu_official

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